About Us

A Global Afrikan Network of Businesses, Organizations and Individuals.

There is no ONE person that is the face of the G.A.C.N. Not ONE group, not ONE representation, not ONE decision maker, not ONE religion, not ONE ideology, not ONE nationality, but instead a community that comes together as ONE unified Network.


The purpose and direction of the GACN is to highlight, dialouge and take action on the important issues that affect the Global African Community.
If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. ~ African proverb

Our Story

Our story and journey has been an ongoing work in progress. Throughout the years, we have managed to incorporate the many views and perspectives from countless numbers of people within the Pan African community, locally and globally. This type of all inclusive dialogue has helped tremendously with the GACN’s structure and development. The organization was first inspired by the vision and impact of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, as well as the many ancestors that struggled and advocated for the total liberation of all African people. In 1991, GACN was born under its initial name, One Love Philanthropic Foundation. Its mission was to fulfill Garvey's mandate here is Toronto Canada. This birth was quite significant for a number of reasons: 1) The name Toronto is indigenous..it means the meeting/gathering place. According to the United Nations, Toronto is the most multi-culturally diverse city on earth. All of the world’s nations are gathered here; 2) Interestingly enough, during Marcus Garvey’s days of travelling and teaching around the world, he concluded his mission in Toronto with the 7th international UNIA/ACL convention in 1938. Thus, it was befitting for One Love to continue the movement that Garvey began many years ago. In 2001, and with much input from African people far and near, One Love has evolves itself to what is now known as the Global African Communities Network.

Our Mission

The GACN seeks your endorsement to create socio-economic prosperity and restore social harmony within our society. Our Mission is to allow the G.AC.N. to unite a critical mass of Real People to actualize a vision of collective economic prosperity. This will eradicate poverty and self-hatred within the Global Afrikan Communities on a macro level and on a micro level, this eradication of poverty and self-hatred will significantly impact Toronto’s AfriCanadian Communities.

Priority #1 – Health
Priority #2 – Education
Priority #3 – Poverty/Housing
Priority #4 – Entrepreneurship/Business

Our Investments

Priority #1 - Health
The Ultimate resource of a nation is its people. Healthy people are a prerequisite to a healthy nation. Our people cannot make their full contribution to the future lives of our children unless they cultivate holistic health which will enable them to render full participation in our collective hopes and aspirations. We will need to utilize food cooperatives which prioritize the sale and distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables imported from the Caribbean and Afrika. These provisions will provide a natural source of nutrition at a wholesale cost to our people.

Priority #2 - Education
Education is the basis for the greatness, power, honour and prosperity of a people-therefore, we urgently need to form our own educational institutions to educate our children about the true knowledge of themselves and to prepare them to take their rightful place as responsible leaders of the nations and governments which will constitute the world of tomorrow.
These schools will be ethno-culturally focused to re-instill our true values and re-learn the exceptional history of our people.

Priority #3 - Poverty/Housing
A major priority of the GACN is to purchase property in an effort to provide decent, affordable housing to those most in need. At present, the Provincial Government is planning to sell off townhouses & apartment complexes. By using our funds and investments wisely, we will be in a position to purchase property, which will enable us to co-cooperatively cultivate a sense of community living. Once paid for, we would lease these living quarters at prices that are affordable when compared to the market value. 
The priority is to ensure good quality homes for the neediest members of our communities.

Priority #4 - Entrepreneurship
We intend to provide low-interest loans and/or grants to fund new businesses in our communities on a regular basis. Applicants must present an intelligent and comprehensive business plan.

Our Value Statements

One Love is the Order, One Love is what Heals, One Love is the Power, One Love is the Seal, One Loves is the Key to our Unity.

Health G.A.C.N. serves to heal all persons, families, communities and nations

Mutual Trust Our mission is to re-establish mutual trust in our community. This will empower us to fulfill our true potential as we break down the barriers that divide and exploit us.

Repatriation We re-identify and re-acquaint ourselves with our own traditional values, heritage, and culture. We practice collective security, as we restore and beautify our communities.

Benevolent Society Governance is benevolence. In keeping with our ancient traditions, we have established a benevolent society where a council of AfriCanadian Elders will be anointed then appointed by members of our communities to govern the benevolent affairs of the G.A.C.N.

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