Toronto PanAfrican Movie Night – The Birth of a Nation

Make possible the impossible, all things are possible, nothing is impossible, impossible is possible. Nat Turner proved this in recent #BlackHistory.

Come out let us gather together and learn why we have to learn to be together like the slaves of the past, especially during this traumatic time. A perfect example is, evil is not sleeping, it is running around and seeking which Black people to separate from the flock and then send them back as disrupters to the cause. And create other distractions to make Black people ignore/forget the true current issues at hand. Look at all the slander, propaganda and all the wickedness they did to try to prevent this movie from coming out, which prevented other successful black people from financially supporting the production of this movie. Also, there was a limitation to the theatres that this movie was allowed to play in, that is why we to have to watch it at this private theatre on the other side of town.

As a community, let’s support this movie and any other future Black directors that are trying to uplift/enlighten our people to the masses; by coming out Tomorrow on Saturday November 19th, 2016 at Kingsway Theatre at 3030 Bloor St. W Toronto, ON. M8X1C4 right off TTC Subway Line 2 Royal York Exit; to relax, enjoy, critique, bond, and analyze this movie and our current situation as a people in #Toronto, our approach we should take in these current matters and go from there.

P.S. Besides this movie, let’s make this a meeting. This movie is not about the director, it is about Nat Turner. For information about Nat Turner, “Google It”. Watch the sources though. The Atlanta Black Star is a good source.
And for those of you who want information about the director, watch his video on youtube here:

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